hardwood floor resurfacing philadelphia pa

We Provide Flooring and Staircase Renovation in Philadelphia, PA

Give Your Hardwoods a Face-Lift

Like all flooring materials, hardwood succumbs to wear and tear over time. If you want to remove your scrapes and scuffs without going through the mess of a full refinish, reach out to MJC Floor Finishing. We'll remove your old finish, then we'll buff away the damage. Count on us to start resurfacing your hardwood floors right away.

Call 267-622-1455 today to learn about our resurfacing work for hardwood floors in Philadelphia, PA. Don't forget to ask about our 15% discount for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, EMTs and senior citizens.

MJC Floor Finishing strives to enhance all areas of your home in Philadelphia, PA with natural hardwood-your staircase included. When you come to us for a staircase renovation, we will:

  • Go over your design preferences
  • Assess your current staircase and give you a free estimate
  • Help you choose the right hardwood for your stairs
  • Strip down your old staircase and begin construction


Contact MJC Floor Finishing now to get started on your staircase renovation. We can take care of your stairs right after we resurface your hardwood floors.