hardwood floor refinishing philadelphia pa

Learn about Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Philadelphia, PA

Revitalize Your Floors

Hardwood is a beautiful, durable flooring option that can last for decades-but only if it's taken care of. If the years of foot traffic and damage buildup have finally taken their toll on your floors, it might be time for a refinish. MJC Floor Finishing has years of experience with hardwood floor refinishing in the Philadelphia, PA area. You can count on our flooring contractor to strip away the damage and revitalize your floors completely.

To learn more about our hardwood floor refinishing services, call 267-622-1455 today. We offer free estimates to all clients within a 25-mile radius of Philadelphia, PA.

No matter what kind of hardwood floors you own, you can trust MJC Floor Finishing to make them shine like new. Once we sand down your floors and remove the damage, you can choose from a variety of stain and polish options, including:

  • Matte satin
  • High-gloss
  • Semi-gloss

Contact MJC Floor Finishing now to get started on your hardwood floor refinishing work. You can also add natural volatile organic compound (VOC) penetrating oils to your finish to keep your wood healthy for years to come. When you are ready to tackle your hardwood floor resurfacing project, call a professional flooring contractor at MJC Floor Finishing at 267-622-1455!